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March 28, 2006

Strike Two

Filed under: General — Neil Aitken @ 3:28 pm

Thin letter two arrived today. Someone else will be filling the Emerging Lecturer position at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania.

Contigency plans are now being formed. I’m investigating running a web design business in Canada if the remaining positions I’ve applied for also end up being filled by someone else. It’s a tough market. Especially if you’re still shopping your first book. I’d like to find a way to stay in the US, but I suspect I’ll be north-side soon and fending for myself.
Still waiting to hear from Wisconsin and Louisville.

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  1. Ken Aitken Says:

    One door closes, another will open. One day it dawned on Joe Smith that it was for his own experience, ie, he needed these troughs, to enjoy the peaks. What’s another closing door to a man who is ascending the mountains. Your peak awaits!

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