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July 22, 2006

Penticton and Back Again

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I drove out to Penticton, BC last week to help my parents with their move from Regina.  For those unfamiliar with the layout of British Columbia, that’s about a 4-5 hour drive from where I live.  Not much between here and there – lots of empty land and mountain.
Penticton is out in interior BC – mostly orchard country — but to get there you have to go through the mountains.  As you might recall, my car isn’t always happy going through mountainous terrain.  This time I made through fine, but all along the way I felt as if I’d be better off driving a truck.

It was still early when I went through and the mist was just lifting off the roads in some places.  Overhead thunderclouds threatened but did not break.  I was spared the rain at least.

Passing through the mountains in the morning, you can see some amazing sights.  Here’s some shots taken through the window:


The clouds and mist hanging low near the road.


Looking down the road ahead.



Just when you’ve had enough grey, the blue sky returns.


The final stretch takes me past the lake and its beaches,

mostly filled with  the grey-haired.

Most of the week was spent waiting for the movers to arrive.  I did more work after the movers delivered than before.  Other than building bookcases, moving boxes from room to room, and assembling beds, I essentially was a chauffeur (my parents’ car was in the repair shop).  It was fun to help out, but I was anxious to get back to my own “home” wherever that was.  While in Penticton though, I was able to meet many of my father’s old friends (Penticton is his home town), give an informal pool-side poetry reading, and sample some Royal Anne cherries (they’re golden and delicious!).

Upon my return, I set to work to buy and build my own set of bookcases.  And, happy to report, I am tonight finally finished unpacking all 24 boxes of books, shelving them, and tidying up.  I even found a place to  drop off all that cardboard.  I’m still short furniture, but I’m at least a bit more settled now.  My bed and dresser arrived yesterday (gifts from my parents to replace the ones I had to sell in the US before leaving).

I’m hoping now that all my stuff is unpacked — well the books mainly — that I can feel at home enough to start writing again.  I dislike this juggling of job search and writing — but somehow I’ll need to find a balance.

Well, I’m exhausted and ready for sleep.  Some poetry posts are coming soon.

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  1. Christine Aitken Says:

    Nice pictures, Neil. Have you thought about a career change or have a side line? Very nice pictures. Mom

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