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August 9, 2006

Building a Press Kit

Filed under: General — Neil Aitken @ 10:16 pm

As part of my transition into the post-MFA life, I’ve been working on building a press kit — a set of materials which will hopefully inspire someone to invite me to speak / read / interview / give a lecture somewhere. Now, putting a press kit together when you don’t have a book is a different sort of task. While there are some things that carry over, the obvious difference is that you’re not trying to sell the book — you’re trying to sell yourself.

Some good (or at least promising) links I’ve uncovered so far:

Some examples of good-looking online press kits (not necessarily an endorsement of their work):

  • Tony Norris (singer, storyteller) (I suspect there’s no better press kit than a great beard. This guy has a great beard – I’d choose him for any barmitzva, shin-dig, gallery opening, or barn-raising.)

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