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August 27, 2006

Imminent Publishing Storm

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Given recent response to some of my more advice-oriented posts, I’ve been encouraged to put together a few guides on different aspects of writing and publishing. I’ll be publishing these through as PDFs with an option to buy the books in print form. Expect these in the next few months.

Proposed Guides Include:

  1. Good Writing and Better Poetry - Discussions of image, detail, sound, and metaphor.  Also notes on rhetoric, lyric and narrative tension, and resonance.  Exercises given as well.
  2. Publishing Your Work – Practical advice from an editor and writer to other writers.  Some of these points appeared in this blog, many wil be new.
  3. Marketing Yourself as a Writer - From Press Kits and Networking, a solid approach to making yourself and your work known.
  4. Succeeding in the Post-MFA World (Pre-emptive and After-the-fact Strategies) – A practical guide to preparing for and making the transition from MFA student to Post-MFA life.  Will cover many scenarios.  I hope to include interviews from various post-MFAs as well.

I may also release my notes for the Seven Deadly Sins of Poetry in book form as well.

If you’re interested in these ideas and/or have suggestions of types of questions or issues you’d liked addressed, feel free to contact me or post a comment here.

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