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November 28, 2006

By Xom, These People Need Help…

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Ok — I’m still planning to do a write-up of the East Vancouver Cultural Crawl / Festival I attended over the weekend, but I couldn’t resist posting this latest craigslist find in the meantime. Buried in the Creative Gigs section was an ad for a costumer for a movie. While the job ad itself was pretty mundane, the link to the movie promotion site was much more entertaining.

I mean, who can’t love a movie called Xom: Intergalactic Vampire Hunter – it’s bound to have everything you want, right?The poster reads:

He came across the universe to battle the forces of evil. One alien and his robot assistant against… a planet of VAMPIRES.

I can feel the dramatic tension building here. And it’s hard not to love the honesty in advertising — it must take guts to describe your own movie in this way:

It is ultra low budget and requires part time/off hours participation. The film’s finance is currently around new car prices. We do not expect to seek additional funding beyond the possibility of small investors

Hmm.. budget around the price of a new car. They did add the following update though:

(update October 2006: We have received interest in this production from a local production company, indicating that when we can demonstrate that we know what we are doing, they would be willing to provide additional funding/resources).

Sounds promising indeed.

Interested in helping out? They’re still looking for someone to play the title role:

Costume requires a performer approx 6 ’6 and thin.


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