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January 17, 2005

Prairie Poetry Friends’ Prize

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I just received word from Marc duPlan (the editor at Prairie Poetry) that my poem Adrift won the 1st place Prairie Poetry Friends’ Prize ($350) and also a Prairie Poetry Peer Award.

I think this marks the first time I’ve been paid for publication :) Prior to this, it has been my artwork that has brought in money.

5 Responses to “Prairie Poetry Friends’ Prize”

  1. Kenneth Aitken Says:

    Congratulation! of all my poet sons, you are indeed the best.

  2. barbara Says:

    hi neil, i found yr blog via roger’s. just wanted to say i enjoyed reading “adrift.” very meditative and lovely, adept handling of language. thanks for sharing peace, barbara

  3. Gilbert Koh Says:

    That was indeed a lovely poem, with many beautifully constructed images. Where can I read more of your poetry?

  4. Neil Aitken Says:

    Barbara & Gilbert
    Thanks for your comments! A little praise first thing in the morning does wonders :)

    I appreciate the feedback and have really enjoyed reading your posts on Roger’s site. I’m glad Roger put together his blog on Asian-American poetry — it has almost inspired me to do one for Asian-Canadian poetry and/or Hapa/Mixed/Eurasian poetry.

    Gilbert – if you’d like to read more of my work, I have some posted on my website: Neil Aitken: Poetry & Art

    Most of my work though is sitting offline while it is out circulating the world trying to get published. As more things get published (I have a few pending) I will add them to the site. If you’d like to see some more recent unpublished work, let me know.

  5. Anonymous Poet Says:

    Congratulations! Have fun on your shopping spree. Great poem.