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March 29, 2007

Heading South — Trip to Los Angeles

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I’m heading down to Los Angeles this afternoon for almost two weeks. In part, it’s to attend the USC Recruitment Days event for incoming PhDs and in part to spend time looking into housing options. The fact that I’ve got a few dinners lined up already doesn’t hurt.

My trip may get cut short if my father’s condition worsens again — on Monday he was battling a high fever and a bad infection and looked in very bad shape. Thankfully the fever broke early Tuesday morning and the antibiotics should be kicking in to fight the infection — but overall it was a very close call. I drove back to Penticton to spend a day and a half with my father. My sister and her family came later in the day and are spending a bit longer (till Friday) with him. So, as much I’d like to enjoy my trip wholeheartedly, it’s actually tough to leave at this time. I know the trip is important and that my father would want me to go — I just hope to see him when I get back so that I can give him the report.

I am looking forward to seeing good friends again — I called a few of them last night to let them know I’d be around. If you’re in Los Angeles and would like to get together, email me and we’ll see what we can work out.

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