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March 30, 2007

Report from Los Angeles – Day 1

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Update: My luggage has arrived. I’m finally in clean clothes. I shaved as well. Life is good.

I arrived safely last night, however my luggage did not. Evidently they will arrive sometime this morning on the first flight into Burbank.

What happened?

Well, my initial flight out of Vancouver was 30 minutes late which meant that I arrived in Salt Lake City (Delta’s hub) minutes before my connecting flight to Burbank was leaving. Somehow I managed to make the connection. I had been assured that my bags would make it as well — but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. When I arrived in Burbank (the flight was actually 20 minutes early, despite a 10 minute delay caused by my late arrival), I stood around foolishly expecting my luggage to appear on the belt. When they didn’t, I checked with the luggage people (good name for a 1950s B-movie) and discovered that they never got on the plane — despite being parked next to my previous flight. Oh well.

I’m staying with an old friend of mine in Los Angeles for a few days and he and his girlfriend were kind enough to pick me up at the airport. Even better, they took me out to eat at Mimi’s — from my experience good food tastes even better after you’ve been subjected to airplane snacks and luggage abandonment. We made an additional stop at an all-night drug store so I could buy some contact lens cleaner and a cheap contact lens case. The airline prohibition against liquids in carry-on items meant that all my toiletries were packed in my checked bags — which would be fine if my bags made the connection. On my return flight, I’ll have to tell them to load my bags last because I have a quick connection.

Other than that, the trip so far is fine. It was great to catch up with my friends. Good as well to have a bed to sleep on and even a new toothbrush to use while I wait for my bags. The only new glitch is that my friend was just notified yesterday that they are shutting off the water for most of the day to work on the mains. So I showered last night and woke up early enough this morning to wash my face and take care other bathroom needs. I’ve just realized I forgot to shave, so I’ll be scruffy the rest of the day till the water comes on again.

On schedule today — not much, catch up on emails, read more poems for Boxcar Poetry Review, pick up my luggage, and take it easy tonight when my friends come over to hang out. Tomorrow will be busier as I start lining up the rest of my schedule.

No news from home, so I’m assuming all is well.

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  1. Christine Aitken Says:

    So, you want news from home. Your father is still hanging there, I hope he can wait till you get home. I know at this time no news from home is good news. Enjoy your “trip”.


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