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May 8, 2007

Moving Poetry and a Reading Tonight

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I’ve spent the last few days packing books and moving them to a storage unit. I finished packing box #14 earlier today. Even though I’m mostly done with packing the poetry, even the non-poetry boxes have poetry in them — I’m using old drafts of poems as packing material so that the books don’t shift. So really, every box has some poetry in it.

Tonight I’ll take a break from packing and sorting things to head over to the Clearbrook Library in Abbotsford to give a reading. I’m co-featuring with Bonnie & Sita of Pandora’s Collective — the two brains and movers behind a lot of the poetry events in Vancouver. I’m excited to read again — and excited to read with them. They have been very supportive of me and helped me find my bearings in Vancouver when I first arrived almost a year ago. Now, as I’m preparing to leave, I’m happy that I will have a chance to read with them this last time.

I had originally thought to put together a chapbook for tonight, but there’s simply no time. I’m quite swamped with packing. The reading is at 6:30 pm, but since it’s in Abbotsford, I’ll have to head over there early (about a 45 minute drive). There’ll be traffic as well, so it might even be a longer than usual drive.

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  1. Shelley Haggard Says:

    Hi Neil
    Still in a little cloud of words since your reading in Abbotsford. We really are fortunate to have caught you before you fled the country and I’m glad to hear that you were looking forward to it. I hope it was as good for you as it was for us. I intend to sign up for your final workshop (you must be good at juggling time) so hopefully I can get a bit more of your wonderful words to rain down on me from the clouds and help my writing to flourish. with much respect, Shelley Haggard

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