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September 15, 2007

Boxcar Poetry Review — Issue 10 is Up

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The new issue is up! Read it here

So what’s in this issue?

Here’s a sneak peek.


  • Ryel Alviola: “For Julien who always sat beside her “
  • Lisa Bower: “Nesting”
  • Patrick Ryan Frank: “Virginitiphobia”
  • Robin Halevy: “This, Unspoken”
  • Raina J. León: “The mouths of babes”
  • Robert McDonald: “Travelogue Recorded in the Realm of Sorrow”
  • Tomas Q. Morin: “For the Sisters of the Deutschland”
  • William Neumire: “American Vampire Movies”
  • Erick Piller: “Poem about Mangoes—Poem about Drums— Poem about the Wall and Daniel’s Shadow”
  • Suzanne Rindell: “Locus”
  • Christian Tablazon: “Blueprint”
  • Karen Weyant: “The Night Foreman Sees the Virgin Mary in Furnace #6″

Interview / Conversation

First Book Poets in Conversation: Alex Lemon & Miguel Murphy
(This is forthcoming — we should have this online by the end of next week)


“Intersection” and “Lake seen through trees”
This issue’s photography is actually some of my own work — not my original plan for the issue, but an emergency measure since none of the current art image submissions seemed to fit the bill. In the future I’ll probably have to take a more proactive approach and solicit artwork to avoid depending on my own.

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  1. Oliver Says:

    Fabulous job, once again!

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