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November 20, 2008

Boxcar Poetry Review — Issue 17 is Up

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I’m pleased to announce issue 17 of Boxcar Poetry Review is finally up (only 5 days late!).

More fantastic work which comes together to obsess over places and spaces, the making of goddesses and gods, the unmaking of the body, and the myriad ways in which we enter and leave each moment.

Check it out at

In this issue:


  • Ryan Collins: “Dear Gold Coast—”
  • Brent Fisk: “The Clearing”
  • Asya Graf: “The Making of a Girl Goddess”
  • francine harris: “I live in Detroit”
  • Henry Kearney, IV: “In the Old Capital”
  • Jan LaPerle: “Tractor Race”
  • Clare Marie Myers: “Earthquake at the Buddhist Temple”
  • David O’Connell: “Redeemer”
  • J.R. Pearson: “Paint”
  • David Allen Sullivan: “Taking My Father to a South Indian Carnatic Concert”
  • Joseph P. Wood: “El Platform, Philadelphia, Midnight”


  • Janos Lanyi: “Korea 4″ & “Korea 5″


  • Claire Kageyama-Ramakrishnan’s Shadow Mountain ~ Soham Patel

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