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March 2, 2009

Two poems accepted by Diode / Other things pending

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Just received word earlier today that “array” and “pointer” – two poems from my Babbage’s Dream project – have been accepted for publication by diode and will appear in their May 2009 issue.

Also in the works:   I’ve recently finished a rather lengthy interview conducted by email with the students at the University of LaVerne as part of process/exchange of judging the contest for their journal, The Prism Review.  Lots of interesting questions and hopefully some good responses from me. It was exciting to discuss my book, my experiences with writing it, how things are progressing with my next project, and writing in general.  It’s good knowing that there exists a body of people who have read the book closely and have evidently enjoyed it quite a bit (at least, they’ve asked some great insightful questions).

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