The Hermit Poet

December 3, 2007

Something Good After a Wearying Week

Filed under: General — Neil Aitken @ 1:07 am

What’s good? Well DMQ Review just notified me that they’ve nominated my poem “Letter Fifty” for the Pushcart Prize — that’s my second Pushcart nomination this year, my third ever. Pretty cool. What’s cooler? “Letter Fifty” is from my Letters to the Unknown Wife project — that means I’ve now had work from all three of my manuscript projects nominated.

Anyway, I survived what seems to have been my busiest week so far. I completed my abstracts, gave my presentation (despite a major technological failure on my part), wrote 2 response posts for different classes, sent out book manuscripts to 4 more book contests, made final selections for our Pushcart nominations for Boxcar Poetry Review and sent those out, and narrowed down my topics for my two papers for this coming week and the next.

Go me. The rest of the weekend was spent in veg mode while I recovered. Tomorrow I begin drafting my papers and conducting more research on the spots that are, well, spotty.