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December 14, 2005

Last Night’s Reading in Review

Filed under: General — Neil Aitken @ 9:14 am

The reading in Aliso Viejo was great. I loved the space — it was outdoors in the patio between the library and the coffee shop. Great sound system there as well. A nice lamp overhead and beyond it the cool winter night sky (ok, cool for Californians). It was a small gathering: a few poets – both compelling readers, a three-man acoustic guitar group — who were amazing, a guest host who drove almost as far as I did to fill in for the evening, and the owners of the coffee shop who actually sat out in the patio to listen. Shawn Turi who was the guest host gave such a glowing introduction I was thinking I had come on the wrong night and that she must be introducing someone completely different!

So yes, despite 2+ hours of being trapped on a closed freeway, I had a fantastic time. Even if I spent only 30 minutes there and a total of 3 hours on freeways traveling back and forth – it was worth it in my books.

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