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February 9, 2006

Neck Deep

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Wondering where I’ve been?

The past few weeks I’ve been neck deep in:
1. Pleghm – a cold that leaves me with a dry throat in the morning and clogged chest in the afternoon.

2. Revisions – two of my readers from my thesis committee have returned their notes and suggestions on my manuscript — it’s amazing all the tiny nick-picky things people will note. Glad they’re making notes though — it’s useful to see where a poem might be going astray.

3. Submissions – Boxcar Poetry Review is in full swing — submissions have been rolling in pretty steadily, and recently picked up after the official CFP went out. It’s a bit odd to be on the other side of the rejection notice.

4. Reading – between my Poetry of Witness (mostly wartime poetry) and my Chinese classic novels classes, I’m quite swamped with reading and assignments. Some weeks it’s upwards of 600 pages.

5. Grading – at least I will be neck deep next week when my students turn in their poetry revisions.

Elsewhere in the world:

1. My nephew Thomas had his first birthday.

2. My father recently announced his retirement from the Regina Public Library’s Prairie History Room. He’ll be leaving the library to go full time as an independent family history and geneaology lecturer and educator. Busy guy — he’ll be on the road a lot for conferences and seminars.

3. Joseph Legaspi from the Kundiman team received word that his first book has been accepted for publication.
4. Boxcar Poetry Review got a face lift.

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