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March 24, 2006

First Book Reviews Needed (Boxcar Poetry Review)

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Boxcar Poetry Review is currently seeking reviews and responses for the following first books of poetry. If you feel like writing a review or have a specific response to a first book, please contact me by email. Feel free to query if you would like to write a review or response for anything not on the current list (this is just what’s on my shelf right now).

  1. Amirthanayagam, Indran. The Elephants of Reckoning. Hanging Loose Press, 1993
  2. Aragon, Francisco. Puerta del Sol. Bilingual Press, 2005 (free copy available)
  3. Baranow, Joan. Living Apart. Plain View Press, 1999
  4. Barnstone, Tony. Impure. University Press of Florida, 1999 (free copy available)
  5. Blevins, Adrian. The Brass Girl Brouhaha. Ausuable Press, 2003
  6. Buchsbaum, Julianne. Slowly, Slowly, Horses. Ausable Press, 2001
  7. Calvocoressi, Gabrielle. The Last Time I Saw Amelia Earhart. Persea Books, 2005
  8. Campbell, Erik. Arguments for Stillness. Curbstone Press, 2006
  9. Canaday, John. The Invisible World. Louisiana State University Press, 2002
  10. Columbik, Roger. A Quiet Divide. Plain View Press, 2006
  11. Craft, Kevin. Solar Prominence. Cloudbank Books, 2005
  12. de la Paz, Oliver. Names Above Houses. Southern Illinois University Press, 2001
  13. Donnelly, Patrick. The Charge. Ausable Press, 2003
  14. Fox, Sarah. Because Why. Coffee House Press, 2006
  15. Franco, Gina. The Keepsake Storm. University of Arizona Press, 2004
  16. Gambito, Sarah. Matadora. Alice James Books, 2004
  17. Guest, Paul. The Resurrection of the Body and the Ruin of the World. New Issues Press, 2003 < --reviews under way
  18. Hannah, Sarah. Longing Distance. Tupelo Press, 2004
  19. Hegnauer, Lilah. Dark Under Kiganda Stars. Ausable Press, 2005
  20. Johnson, Kimberly. Leviathan with a Hook. Persea Books, 2002
  21. Jordan, Judy. Carolina Ghost Woods. Louisiana State University Press, 2000
  22. Khanna, Vandana. Train to Agra. Southern Illinois University Press, 2001
  23. Kim, Suji Kwock. Notes from the Divided Country. Louisiana State University Press, 2003
  24. Ladin, Jay. Alternatives to History. Sheep Meadow Press, 2003 (free copy available)
  25. Lerner, Ben. The Lichtenberg Figures. Copper Canyon Press, 2004
  26. Maclay, Sarah. Whore. University of Tampa Press, 2004
  27. Marcum, Carl. Cue Lazarus. University of Arizona Press, 2001
  28. Mathias, Louise. Lark Apprentice. New Issues Press, 2004
  29. Mathys, Ted. Forge. Coffee House Press, 2005
  30. Nagami, Heather. Hostile. chax press, 2005
  31. Nezhukumatathil, Aimee. Miracle Fruit. Tupelo Press, 2003
  32. Shenoda, Matthew. Somewhere Else. Coffee House Press, 2005
  33. Sterle, Francine. Every Bird is One Bird. Tupelo Press, 2001
  34. Taylor, Sam. Body of the World. Ausable Press, 2005
  35. Turner, Brian. Here, Bullet. Alice James Books, 2005
  36. Volkman, Karen. Spar. University of Iowa Press, 2002
  37. Whalley, Karen. The Rented Violin. Ausable Press, 2003
  38. Wolpe, Sholeh. The Scar Saloon. Red Hen Press, 2004  < -- review underway
  39. Wong, Rita. Monkey Puzzle. Press Gang Publishers, 1998
  40. Yurdana, Matt. Public Gestures. University of Tampa Press, 2005

One Response to “First Book Reviews Needed (Boxcar Poetry Review)”

  1. Tara Gorvine Says:

    Hi there,

    I’d like to do a review of Tony Barnstone’s “Impure” if you still have a copy of it. Just a quick note though: I looked him up and this isn’t his first book.

    If you don’t have this one anymore, feel free to send me something else.

    I’m an editor for an academic publisher in Northampton, MA. I received my MFA from UNC Greensboro. My poetry has or will appear in the Cimarron Review, Greensboro Review, Lake Effect, The Ledge, Madison Review, Rattle, Seattle Review, and Talking Review Review.

    Please let me know if you need anything else from me. I look forward to hearing from you.


    Tara Gorvine

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