The Hermit Poet

November 15, 2006

General Foolishness, Captain Poor Planning, Lieutenant Procrastination

Filed under: General — Neil Aitken @ 3:04 pm

I’m juggling my preparations for tomorrow’s GRE, taking care of the finishing touches on the new issue of Boxcar Poetry Review, and sending out a job application for a teaching position at UC Santa Cruz.

Oh well, there’s still time today and tomorrow morning. Thankfully I’ve been studying and reviewing for the last month or so. I’ll spend tonight doing practice exams and rest up.

There’s a possibility that I’ll just have to wait until tomorrow night before putting up the new issue of Boxcar Poetry Review — I’d rather be on time, but we’ll see how things work out.  Hopefully the Boxcar readership will forgive a day delay if I have to wait on it.

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