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March 19, 2007

Some Days are Better Than Others / Another PhD Option

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Today I’m feeling a bit more grounded. I spent part of the morning reading submissions for Boxcar Poetry Review, another part re-watching a few episodes of light-hearted anime (Azumanga Daioh), and yet another part doing dishes. Simple tasks — routine — but good for stability and comfort — well, sending out rejection notes really isn’t that good for other people.

I picked my mother up for lunch and we tried to locate a good restaurant around the hospital — but after some poor choices (kept choosing closed restaurants), we ran out of time and had to grab sandwiches from Subway. Big disappointment for both of us. Not knowing the hospital neighborhood puts us at a definite disadvantage. We already had a bad experience at one Chinese restaurant which we now refer to as “The Restaurant Run by Two Idiots”!

Visited with my father in the afternoon. An old friend of his stopped by with a guitar to entertain him, but found that the lyrics kept slipping his mind. We caught my father mouthing the words in places — evidently he has a better memory than his friend! I had to leave early to meet up with a friend of mine who I’ve recruited to write some reviews. We had a good dinner and chatted about a variety of things, including my father — but also about Boxcar Poetry Review and doing interviews (she’s looking at pursuing a PhD in Pop Culture focused on 1920′s actresses). Anyway, it was a good break from things.

Right now I’m stealing a few moments at the Vancouver Public Library to write this post before heading over to a poetry reading tonight. It’s good to be out and about as well. Good to hear other people’s voices.

I’ve been grateful for emails from good friends lately and for the occasional phone calls and internet chats.

Oh — before I forget — I received word earlier today that I’ve been accepted by University C — no financial package involved, but still a flattering offer. I’m currently 3/3 for PhD applications. I’ll need to make some final decisions this week, so expect full disclosure of the related schools shortly.

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