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April 1, 2007

From the Radisson in LA & More Poems Finding Homes

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Well, I’ve successfully checked into my room at the Radisson across from USC and am looking forward to meeting people tonight. The last few days have been relatively relaxing — I’ve done some research on apartments but hope to get more solid information and advice over the course of the orientation / recruitment. (If you know of any 1-bedroom apartments that will be free in August in West LA or Santa Monica at a reasonable price, I’d appreciate it if you send me an email.)

Given that I know nothing of the others coming tonight, it’s all somewhat a mystery. Heck, I’m not even certain what’s the best attire for this situation. I’m opting for dress-casual — battle-ready with combat grease and machete seemed inappropriate. Pro-wrestling spandex seems out of season — maybe for final dissertation defense contortions.

In the midst of all this bustle (actually it’s not that bustling), I received word from DMQ Review that they would like to publish two of my poems. These are the first two poems out of my third manuscript, Letters to the Unknown Wife, to be accepted. Look forward to “Letter Ten” and “Letter Fifty” soon.

More on the USC thing later tonight.

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