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May 4, 2007

Making Room to Show

Filed under: General — Neil Aitken @ 11:14 am

My landlord just informed me that he would like to show my place tonight to potential tenants — I said it would be ok, but still it’s going to be a headache. Right now it’s a disaster site — books and boxes everywhere in the front room, clothing everywhere in the bedroom, and lots of loose papers floating around. And I’m out of cleaning supplies. But hey, I need a good kick to keep up with the schedule if I’m going to be able to move out on time.

Still to do:

  • post furniture pics to Craigslist
  • buy cleaning supplies
  • drop off more clothes to Salvation Army
  • check with post office on how much sending my books through the mail will actually cost me

I’d actually rather be reading submissions for Boxcar Poetry Review (and I did manage to fit that in last night and this morning), but I’ll have to leave the fun stuff for later.

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  1. Aurelia Says:

    Moving is so not fun. I’m not looking forward to packing etc etc etc. On the one hand, I suppose it’s not as stressful if we were trying to show a house to sell–we live in apts too. But then again, if we were trying to sell, that would mean we were paying our own mortgage, instead of someone else’s. I look forward to the change a move brings though. Good luck!

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