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January 17, 2008

Boxcar Poetry Review — Issue 12 is Up!

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We are pleased to announce that Issue 12 is now online and ready to be read!  Great poems, great reviews, and a great conversation between first book poets.

Like the boy in this issue’s cover photo by Jon Kersey, we find ourselves in this issue straddling two worlds, peering into the waters to see what lies ahead and beneath. We begin with a bullet train, end with a road trip, and encounter the beautiful, the bright, the dark, and the emphemeral along the way.

In this issue’s poems, we are also pleased to feature great reviews of Ivy Alvarez’s Mortal and Karen Harryman’s Auto Mechanic’s Daughter, as well as the first half of a conversation between two first book poets, Ivy Alvarez and Lee Herrick. Jon Kersey’s photography adds yet another dimension to this first issue of 2008.

Check out the end of this email for some important announcements regarding the 2007 Oboh Prize winners, the 2006 print anthology, and our table at the upcoming AWP book fair in NYC.

Read it here:

In this issue:


  • Cristiana Baik: “Dear Nozomi, I will arrive to the destination first”
  • Rachel Bunting: “Lot’s Daughters”
  • Clark Chatlain: “Flathead Lake”
  • Frankie Drayus: “Dispatch”
  • Brent Fisk: “When Adam Falls from Sleep”
  • Donna Huneke: “On Sundays she sets the sun”
  • John Johnson: “Light Sleeper”
  • Laura Powers: “Dying Like Eurydice in Idaho’s Backcountry”
  • Brian Simoneau: “Funeral With Cherry Blossoms Falling”
  • Charles Springer: “Roadies”


  • Ivy Alvarez’s Mortal ~ Craig Santos Perez
  • Karen Harryman’s Auto Mechanic’s Daughter ~ Kate Durbin


  • Ivy Alvarez & Lee Herrick in Conversation Part 1


  • Jon Kersey (2 images)

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  1. Pris Says:

    A winning issue, Neal! I especially have enjoyed the interchange between Lee and Ivy. I’ve not yet read Ivy’s book but I would hope everyone reading this buys Lee’s. It’s a tremendously moving work of art.

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