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January 29, 2008

A few quick notes before heading out

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  1. Just received word that The Lost Country of Sight was also a finalist in another competition (their official announcement of the winner hasn’t been made, so I’ll hold off on the specifics on this one).
  2. If you purchased a copy of the Boxcar 2006 anthology before AWP, please contact me.  I’ve updated the anthology on to fix 2 major errors — the corrected version should be available for order shortly.   I would happy to replace your old copies with corrected ones (email me for details).
  3. If you are at AWP, please feel free to stop by our table (#524).  I’ll be around most of the time.
  4. Arriving early to AWP?  I’m arriving at 8:30 am (red eye flight) and will have some time to kill before being able to check in to my hotel or set up my table at the book fair.  Email me if you’re interested in meeting for breakfast or lunch.

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  1. Christine Aitken Says:

    Hi, Neil,

    That’s exciting, another one might be another winner again. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Have a wonderful trip in New York.

    Love, Mom

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