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June 15, 2005

Into the Summer

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Spring quarter has finally ended and I am through with classes and assignments. It’s a welcome release to spend my days without the constant pressure of delivering new work for workshop — although to be honest, most of that pressure comes from myself and not the professors.

The plan for June is to finish up my sorting and editing of my thesis manuscript (at least bring it to a rough draft). I have enough material (40+ pages), but still feel there is room to expand. I also have a few other manuscript ideas I’d like to try once this one is done. I figure I’ll be able to breathe a little easier in the second year of my MFA if I’ve already got my manuscript done. I also need to start sending out more work.

July is full of running around. I will be heading off to the Kundiman Asian American Poetry Retreat in Virginia and following that with a trip to the Idyllwyld Summer Poetry Program. Oh, and housesitting for one of my professors. Hopefully it will be a very productive month for me — new work and new friends.

August promises to be hectic in its own way. I have legal matter which will occupy the first half of the month but should result in a much happier me soon afterward. Once that is settled, I plan on taking a road trip up the PCH, following the coast to Oregon and Washington. I’m not certain yet of the length of my trip, but currently plan on about two weeks. I’ll pack my laptop, my camera, some clothes, and plenty of books — I want to write most of the way, stop when I feel like it, keep no strict schedule, just go. Almost a drifter (but with a car).

It is strange to think that once September rolls around, I’ll be entering my second and final year in the MFA program. How swiftly it goes. Already I have friends who have graduated and are moving away this summer to parts unknown. Soon it will be me dressed in cap and gown again, heading off to receive my diploma — though hopefully this time I’ll remember to push not pull on the doors of the building!

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