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March 29, 2009

Boxcar Poetry Review – Issue 19 is Up!

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(Though much delayed (school work, travel, grading, and spring break all factor in), the new issue is finally up and hopefully worth the wait)

Bee sting and sweetness. Cologne and old cars. Phone calls. Prison beatings. The body bruised, tasted, turned, destroyed or reformed. In this, our 19th issue, the senses dominate and overwhelm. The poems swing their doors wide open, ready to be encountered.

In addition to wonderful poetry, this issue also features the holga photography of Gary Haigh and two great dialogues: an interview with Amy Liann Tudor by Cindy Cunningham and a conversation between first book poets Ching-In Chen and Ely Shipley. Fascinating reading — well worth the look. Only one review this issue, but it’s an interesting look by Gregg Mosson at Michael Salcman’s The Clock Made of Confetti. Lots of reviews and interviews in the pipeline. Stay tuned for more in May’s issue.

* Rachel Bunting: “The Apiary”
* Alan King: “Conundrum”
* Rachel Inez Lane: “It’s Valentine’s Day and My Russian Phone Sex Operator Roommate is Crying”
* Juliet Latham: “Directly After the Accident”
* Gary McDowell: “A Miscarriage Scare at Bronson Methodist”
* Jenny Sadre-Orafai: “Full Circle”
* David Salner: “Frank Little in the Big Sky State”
* Kevin Stoy: “Flesh on Stone”
* Rob Talbert: “what practice makes”
* Leon Weinmann: “In Doubt, Recalling Cordelia”


* Gary Haigh: two holga photographs

Interviews & Conversations
* Disrupting Forms, Multiple Selves and Migrating Bodies: A Conversation between Ely Shipley & Ching-In Chen
* An Interview with Amy Liann Tudor ~ Cindy Cunningham


* Michael Salcman’s The Clock Made of Confetti ~ Gregg Mosson

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