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May 18, 2009

Moving / Recently Reviewed

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I’m 60% done with my move (I think) and hope to be around 80% done sometime tomorrow. At this point the bookcases have all been moved, as have the vast majority of my books. I’ve started moving over computer equipment and things for storage. Tomorrow will be clothes, small furniture, and some miscellaneous boxes.

I did discover (thanks to Google Alerts) that Robert Peake has a very nice review of my book up on his blog. Among other things, he writes:

Memory—its beauty and fragility—recur as a theme throughout this collection, especially in relation to the figure of the father. In this way these poems, at times, resemble the meditative grace of Li-Young Lee. But with its eye for ruined beauty, Aitken’s poems pierce through us roughly, like the starlight in a Larry Levis poem.

You can read the rest here:

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