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August 21, 2005

Poetry Under the Full Moon Last Night

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The reading last night was wonderful. There’s a certain radiance to each of these fine poets that stood out. Each distinguishable from the last, but possessing the same heightened sense of beauty. The drive home, despite a wrong turn and an extra half-hour of finding my way back (I forgot that the 10-E doesn’t merge with the 60-E, but merely passes through it), was even more remarkable. The moon haunting the sky above all the dark roads and the cars rushing along like heavy salmon bound for someplace like home.

Our line up consisted of (not exactly in this order):

Sarah Maclay – bio more poems
Amaranth Borsuk – bio poem
Eric Gudas – bio poem
Say-Vun Khov – bio + poem
Michelle Daugherty – website bio poem 1 poem 2
Margaret Wang – bio + poem
Brett Garcia Myhren – poem (last on the page)
Anne Silver – website bio poems
Neil Aitken – website bio poem
Julianna McCarthy (Brendan Constantine’s mother and a very fine poet in her own right) – filmography!

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